How to find T.Marie Salon:

T.Marie Salon is located within Sola Salons:
8601 West Cross Drive, Suite 1
Littleton, CO  80123
Located in Studio #2

T.Marie Salon Hours:

Monday- Closed
Tuesday- 8am-12pm
Wednesday- 3pm-9pm
Thursday- 8am-12am
Friday- 1pm-9pm
Saturday- 9am-4pm (3rd & 4th Saturday of the month)
Sunday- Closed

*Haircuts must be scheduled at least 1 hour before closing.

*Color Services must be scheduled at least 2 hours before closing.

What you will Find In T.Marie Salon:

An experience and environment that focuses on 2 things:

Relaxation -  T.Marie Salon provides a comfortable sitting area along with music that can be chosen based on your preferences and mood. Being at a private studio offers you a different experience from the normally busy, loud, and hectic tendencies of a salon. You will be pampered and the focus of attention at T.Marie Salon.  

Your Tastes -  You will sit down and be given a menu to select from different snacks and drinks. You will be have plenty of options as to how you will spend your time while you are being pampered. Options include conversation with Tierra, reading a magazine, relaxing and listening to music, or picking your favorite show on Netflix. Options abound so that your experience can fit your wants and needs. 

A Photo Tour of T.Marie Salon: